Monthly Archives: March 2016

Stop Spillovers

When the pasta water is about to boil over, don’t just stand by helplessly watching. Lay a wooden spoon across the top of the open pot, allowing yourself the time necessary to lower the flame, reduce the temperature and avoid disaster. Since exposure to steam can warp wood, choose a spoon that’s expendable.

I learned this valuable tip recently while watching a Today Show series called “Kitchen Hacks.” I don’t know the scientific reason that it works, but just a few days later it prevented an awful mess from occurring in my kitchen.

The big pot of beets that I was boiling suddenly threatened to overflow, but lowering the flame and laying a wooden spoon across the pot immediately stalled the eruption. I can’t wait to try this trick with long-cooking oatmeal, which seems to boil over no matter how vigilantly I monitor the heat.