Coffee Roast

It’s important to ask weekend guests if they drink coffee in the morning and, if so, what kind they like. Too often hosts assume that their preferences will be yours.

A friend always served me hazelnut coffee, thinking she was giving me something special, until I admitted that I dislike flavored coffees. Now she buys a hazelnut creamer, so we can both enjoy the beverage.

A hostess one weekend kindly set up the coffee maker before she retired for the night, so we could simply press the brew button in the morning.  But just in the nick of time, we realized that she had filled the machine with decaf, not realizing how vital morning caffeine can be to addicts like us.

If I don’t get my caffeine fix, I lose all ambition and after a day or two without caffeine I develop a throbbing headache. That’s why, much to our hostess’ dismay, my husband and I went out for breakfast.

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