New Thanksgiving Do’s

There are lots of smart…but possibly familiar…suggestions for smoothing the Thanksgiving production and presentation process. Post a list of the dishes you’re serving, so you don’t forget to put something on the table. Create a cooking schedule so everything is ready and hot together. Pull out serving dishes and utensils a day or two in advance and use sticky notes to identify them.

But here are two that were new to me, and I didn’t want you to miss them:

If you’re serving a large group at a long table, place duplicates of side dishes at opposite ends to reduce the need to pass heavy platters.

Keep floral centerpieces low enough so guests sitting around the table can see each other. A florist on The Barefoot Contessa show explained how to gauge the right height: Put your elbow on the table and don’t let the arrangement extend beyond your wrist.

A happy, hysteria-free holiday to all of you! Look for my next post on Tuesday, Dec. 2.

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