Home Appliance Advancements

Unless you are in the market for large kitchen appliances, you probably aren’t aware of some of the developments in stoves, dishwashers or refrigerators that could make home entertaining easier. I had the opportunity to catch up on the latest advances, while accompanying a friend to Sears and Home Depot on an appliance shopping expedition last week. Here are three of my favorite upgrades:

Stoves-Instead of individual grids encircling each burner, now the grids on some models span the stove top, allowing you to easily slide a heavy pot or pan to a back burner without having to lift it.

Dishwashers-Some now offer an adjustable shelf, which accommodates over-sized items.

Refrigerators-A few models now feature an external drawer that has a flexible setting, so you can store wine, party platters or deli meats at the perfect temperatures.

These are useful features, that were news to me. They’re tame compared to the newest smart-phone-controlled technological advancements, however. For instance, LG makes a refrigerator that keeps track of the foods inside and lets you locate recipes from the Food Network that match your ingredients! This and other time savers undoubtedly will become commonplace in our kitchens someday.

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