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Don’t Be Whipped by Whipped Cream

You need a little patience when you’re whipping cream, but you can facilitate the job by taking these precautions:

• Use heavy cream that has not been ultra pasteurized.

• Chill the cream in the refrigerator first.

• Use a very cold bowl and beaters. Set them in the freezer for a while before you begin.

An Anxious Hostess Pleads for Help

Is home entertaining anxiety just a fear or is it a phobia? And, by the way, what’s the difference?

Should people who suffer from this affliction forget about overcoming it and just resort to entertaining in restaurants? Or is there a way to desensitize, as those afflicted with other phobias, such as fear of flying, do? In other words, can you start small-perhaps, invite friends over to watch a sporting event on TV and just serve beer and snacks? Or should you confess your failing to some good friends and ask them to dinner for practice?

Those were some of the suggestions offered to one hysterical hostess on a site I discovered while surfing the Web the other night. I found the interchange fascinating, so I’m including the link here to let you read it first-hand.

I do agree with some of the advice. But, to my mind, giving up and going out is a cop out. I’d love to know what you think.

Chopping Chives

Instead of using your kitchen knife to cut chives, try snipping them with kitchen shears for better control. After rinsing and thoroughly drying the chives, tap them at the thick end until all the strands align. Hold the bunch in one hand as you snip them to the desired size, letting the pieces fall into a bowl or directly into the dish you’re preparing.